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Transformed by the Spirit - week 4

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In our fourth and final week of our Creating a Foundation creative devotional kit, we discuss the process of being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. It takes time and being in God's word for the Spirit to work in our hearts and minds. It is a lifetime of learning and growing and trusting God. 

TOPIC: Transformed by the Spirit
READING: John 14:15 - 16:15, Romans 12

TRANSFORMED BY THE SPIRIT - Week 4 // Inspire Weekly


Each week we feature songs that tie into what we are studying. Praying they convey these truths and more as you take time to listen to the heart and lyrics behind them.

Casting Crowns - Voice of Truth

The City Harmonic - Holy (Wedding Day)

CREATE IT // Psalm 19:14 Bible Journaling Page


For this weeks CREATE IT, I used the prayer verse art print for Psalm 19 and the watercolors. As we talk about being transformed by the Spirit, it seemed fit to highlight our prayer verse, Psalm 19:14 - a prayer for the words of our months and meditations of our hearts would be acceptable in God's sight. 


I used the art print from the kit to make a bible journal page for it. The flowers at the bottom were used as a template to trace them on to the bottom my bible page and then watercolor over. 


 Simply water coloring, cutting and pasting it together. 


Have you had a chance to use the watercolors from the kit? Do you paint or glue in your bible? It has been fun process and would encourage you to try it out. Find out how I started here.


What has the Lord been speaking to you throughout the study? What have you been creating? We would love to share and encourage others with what you are learning and creating as you study. Tag us with #findthejoytoday