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Creating a Foundation - week 1

tiffany garza
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When we make a decision to follow Jesus, we enter into a relationship with Him. Building a relationship takes time. This week we study prayer, knowing God’s heart through reading scripture and hearing His voice above everything else.

TOPIC: Creating A Foundation
READING: Acts 16: 6-10; Joel 2:28-29 (ref. Acts 2:17-18)

CREATING A FOUNDATION - Week 1 // Inspire Weekly

Starting a new series on Creating a Foundation, we discuss what creating a foundation entails and why it is important in our relationship with God and how hearing God plays into that.

Dive Deeper: 
1. Are you aware of any walls that have been built in your life? Are there past experiences that caused a need for a wall?

2. What practical steps can be taken to break them down in order to live in freedom? Take time to pray and listen to the Lord about any walls that are currently up. This may be what you would like to pray through the healing prayer. Download the Healing Prayer from our free resource page here.


Ellie Holcomb - May the Words

Highlands Worship - Jesus You Alone

Tenth Avenue North - Healing Begins

For King And Country - Burn the Ship

CREATE IT // Painting Die Cuts


Have you had a chance to try out our new primary plus watercolor set? ⠀

They are smooth and full of color because they are made with natural pigments and ingredients. No fillers or harsh chemicals. ⠀

As I was creating these kits and was looking for paints that fit for painting through the Healing Prayer, my search came out flat, so with the help of my sister and mama we set out to experiment in making some. It was fun and colorful time and I love how they came out.

Here is a quick film of how they paint and their colors.

They work great in your bible journaling pages - I use Gesso before painting - and to paint the die cuts.


OTHER RESOURCES // Healing Prayer How to Guide

Think about a date with God, taking time to sit and listen. As we get to know the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly, like knowing when our spouse or loved one is on the other end of the phone, we are able hear God’s voice over lies that we have believed.

Walking through five questions, we take time to ask God to bring healing to our hearts, mind and bodies.

Free download here.


What has the Lord been speaking to you throughout the study? What have you been creating? We would love to share and encourage others with what you are learning and creating as you study. Tag us with #findthejoytoday