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Identity : Chosen // week 1

tiffany garza

Welcome to week one of our Identity : Chosen creative bible study on identity and being chosen by God.


What is identity and how do we know if ours is in Christ? Building on our Identity in Christ from the Identity : Loved kit, we are now viewing it from the lens of what it means to be chosen by God and create an Identity Passport filled with 30 truths of scripture and proclaiming who we are in Christ.

Here’s to getting creative and studying God’s word. ⠀

TOPIC: Identity : Chosen
KEY PRAYER VERSE: Colossians 3:12
READING: Deuteronomy 6,7; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Identity : Chosen - Week 1 // Inspire Weekly

Embracing who we are in Christ changes everything. We are diving into what God says about us and our thought process this week.

Join us as we pray, study and create this month through the Identity : Chosen creative bible study kit. Grab yours here.


Each week we feature songs that tie into what we are studying. Praying they convey these truths and more as you take time to listen to the heart and lyrics behind them.


These videos are of the same songs but had to include both: the music quality above is better and the testimony Bart shares before the song is beautiful in the video below.

WHO YOU SAY I AM - Hillsong

JESUS MESSIAH - Chris Tomlin

FIGHTING WORDS - Ellie Holcomb

CREATE IT // Create a Passport

The Identity Passport is a list of scriptures to remind us who we are in Christ and fight the lies we believe with the truths of scripture.


Take time to read over the Identity Passport. Using highlighters or markers, coordinate colors for verse with similar topics that stand out to you or pertain to issues you are struggling with. Yellow is my favorite color, so I highlighted verse about Who I Am in Christ in yellow and wrote them on the yellow notecards.



Keeping your notecards together can be helpful. Bind them together with a single punch for easy removal or make it more like a book with a double punch.

I measured over 1/2” from the edge and 1” from the top and bottom for the placement of my holes. See video below for more details.



Let me know if you have any questions and I am happy to help as I can.


What has the Lord been speaking to you throughout the study? What have you been creating? We would love to share and encourage others with what you are learning and creating as you study. Tag us with #findthejoytoday