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god's promises // week 3

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We are half way through our creative bible study on identity and God’s love.


What is identity and how do we know if ours is in Christ? This month we are focusing on God’s unfailing love for us, as we examine scripture to embrace the truth: WE ARE LOVED and create a banner proclaiming it.

Here’s to getting creative and studying God’s word. ⠀

TOPIC: Identity : loved
KEY PRAYER VERSE: Ephesians 3:14-19
READING: Jeremiah 7, 31

GOD’S PROMISES - Week 3 // Inspire Weekly

God makes promises throughout scripture from Noah to Abraham and fulfills them in His timing. This week we focus on what God promises are and what they are based on.


Each week we feature songs that tie into what we are studying. Praying they convey these truths and more as you take time to listen to the heart and lyrics behind them.

COME AWAY - Jesus Culture

ROYALTY - Francesca Battestelli

SINCE YOUR LOVE - United Pursuit

CREATE IT // Beyond the Banner

Our creative bible study kits are designed to be versatile to allow you to create various things. This week we share a few ideas to create with your kit besides the banner.



Grab your favorite coloring medium - markers, colored pencils, paint, crayons - and add some color to your print. Stamps and stickers work great, too.

This verse in particular is one I have been praying for a while now and keep taped to my mirror, so I exchanged the index card for this print. Random note: A few months back we had to have our mirror fixed and I couldn’t help but wondering what the man who fixed it was thinking will all my verses taped to it. I hope he left a bit more encouraged than when he came.

Where do you display yours?

art print.jpg



So often bible journal pages include hand lettering or wording of some sort but it can be beautiful with just text on the pages, especially if you are just starting out (like me). I love simplicity and think the doily heart creates a focal point on the page with the subtle water colored background.

MAKE A LAYOUT FOR YOUR Find the Joy Today Notebook


A few scraps from the banner and a heart doily can go far to create a layout out in your #findthejoytoday notebook. I love including verses, phrases and lyrics that the Lord is speaking throughout my notebook. It is fun to go back and look at.

Watch the full tutorial below.

Let me know if you have any questions and I am happy to help as I can.


What has the Lord been speaking to you throughout the study? What have you been creating? We would love to share and encourage others with what you are learning and creating as you study. Tag us with #findthejoytoday