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about our inspire creative contributors

It takes a community to bring the best. Jesus had his disciples. Moses had Aaron and Miriam. Paul had Timothy. We all need each other. Here are a few of our Inspire Creative Contributors who keep us inspired and encouraged. Inspire Creatives are the core of the Inspire Shop in giving others ideas and inspiration to draw us closer to the Lord throughout the month. Feel free to show them some love.



Insta: @etothegreeno

22. Artist. Writer. World Traveler. Light Giver.

May my life be a constant reflection of the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus. May the work he has done in me be a testimony of provision and favor.




I’m an almost thirty year old gal who has experienced the radical transformation that only Jesus and His love can bring about. Although originally from Ohio, I now live in southern Tennessee and have added the phrase ya’ll to my every day vocabulary. ⠀

You can usually catch me singing along to most any song that comes on, sipping a chai tea latte at a local coffee shop, or enjoying time outdoors which is where I connect with God the most! 


Coming soon.