the inspire shop

verb / in·spire / in-ˈspī(-ə)r /
: to make (someone) want to do something : to give (someone) an idea about what to do or create
: to cause (something) to happen or be created
: to cause someone to have (a feeling or emotion)
— merriam webster

The Idea

As we drove miles across state lines, listening to Bob Goff read us Love Does, a few months of prayers and promptings came to fruition. The vision for a small creative shop to support women who are choosing to leave addictions and abuse and lies behind for a purposeful life and showing them Jesus was officially born.

It was one of those moments where the presence of God is evident and sacred and the pounding of our hearts knew this is what we were meant to do and the Inspire Shop was born.    

We Believe

We believe you are loved. We believe you are chosen. We believe you are beautiful. And we believe your smile is contagious and has the power to change someone's life.

A little inspiration and hope goes farther than we can think or imagine and we hope you find some right here. Perhaps just enough to make you smile.  

Mugs with a Mission 

The goal behind our mugs is to  inspire women to engage in the messy of life and love themselves and others, even during the craziness of moments, inspiring not only the one who holds it in her hand but others who have yet to encounter agape love.

Our mugs are on a mission to serve women in our community with love through monthly events at local women's homes. With each purchase, 10% of the proceeds goes towards funding for the home and event.