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Digital DIY Christmas Card Bundle

Digital DIY Christmas Card Bundle

Please complete the form below just as you would like it to be on the card, word for word. After you submit your information, a proof will be emailed to you within 72 hours. 

Please note how many sections are on the Infograph stlye that you chose and fill out the sections accordingly. 

Use these photos for reference. 

Name *
Please use STEP 1 on product for reference.
How would you like the names on the card? Please write EXACTLY how you would like the greeting and names listed on the card. //SAMPLE: All our love, Robert, Sophie & Sadie
If you have not yet emailed your photo to us, please email it to
Please list any changes you would like in text or colors.
Please use STEP 2 on product for reference.
Please fill out exactly as you would like on your address label. //SAMPLE: Shelly Harker 2022 Woodland st. Charleston, SC 29412
Please use STEP 3 on product for reference.
Please note how many sections are on the design you chose. //SAMPLE CATEGORY: Looking Ahead: -trip to hawaii for babymoon -baby’s arrival in summer -running first marathon //IDEAS FOR YOUR CATEGORIES: + child, animal, or spouse (i.e.three short updates/ current favorites) + By the Numbers / Fun stats (per person or as a family: i.e. miles ran, lbs of pizza eaten, hours studying etc.) + Misc. Notables (updates you would like to share that do not really fit under one family member or category) + Miles Logged / Travels (i.e. how many miles traveled, places visited) + Milestones ( i.e. kiddos potty trained, walking, reading, finally sleeping through the night, riding a bike etc) + Looking Ahead (upcoming plans for next year) + Top Three (moments of the year, highlights etc,) + Favorite Scripture + Family Quote/ Mantra