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Inspire Gathering Sessions 

Inspire Gatherings is a creative bible study program that combines arts and crafts with biblical teaching; bringing out the creativity in each participant along with the truths of scripture in a fun and easy to understand way.

Our heart:

To inspire and equip women into a deeper relationship with God, embracing their identity in Christ with the truth of the gospel, in order to live in the freedom of Christ - using various mediums of arts and crafts in the process.

Foundation // Session 1

Focusing on the importance of being rooted and grounded in prayer through learning the truths of scripture, we walk through the truth of God's word over the lies we have believed. This is the start of the healing process and being reconciled to God.

Identity // Sessions 2 - 4 :

Our identity is founded in Christ and based on who scripture says we are. These sessions focus on getting to know what God says about us and who God is. 

The Call // Sessions 5 + 6

When we have our foundation based on the truths of scripture, know who God is and who we are in Christ, we are able to live in freedom. Walking in freedom, we are able to do the things God created us specifically for, which these last two sessions focus on. 

session 1.jpg

Session 1 // Prayer & Paint                      Create It : Canvas Painting

When we are getting to know someone, we have to spend time with them. This is the start to a relationship. The same is true about God. Leaning into hearing God and prayer, we paint through the healing prayer


Session 2 //  You are Loved                         Create It : His banner Over Me is Love

When our foundation is in Christ, love flows, even it starts at just a small crack, it is constantly breaking through the lies and muck in our lives to bring us the truth: WE ARE LOVED. Studying this truth, we create banners proclaiming it. 

session3 .jpg

Session 3 // You are Chosen                    Create It : Treasure Boxes

There is a holy response to being chosen. We are called into compassion, kindness, and humility in order to proclaim the goodness of God to others. A wooden box is painted and filled with scriptures stating who we are in Christ. 

oh happy day find the joy notebook small.jpg

Session 4 // You are Beautiful                  Create It : Find the Joy Notebook

Everyone has different styles and considers beauty in different regards, as the saying goes; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We ask: Who is the beholder in your life? Who do you want to be beautiful for? as we create #findthejoynotebooks, filling them with the beauty God has put in us and around us each day.

notecards session 5 2.jpg

Session 5 // Your smile is Contagious     Create It : Note Cards 

God spoke the whole world in to motion and then wrote it down for us. Words are powerful: they hold gifts of encouragement and wisdom and thanksgiving. They bring out smiles and tears and comfort. Living in freedom, we encourage participants to create note cards and use their words to breathe life into others. 


Session 6 // Freedom to Fly                     Create It : Necklace 

Diving in to a small study on putting off our old self and the life cycle of a butterfly, we reflect on what God has done in our life and the metamorphosis that he has brought us through, as we usher in freedom in Christ. One of a kind freedom necklaces are created.

What women are saying about Inspire Gatherings: 

I loved how personal each session was and honestly just seeing every single girls’ creativity.
— anonymous
You’ve touched my heart countless number of times. Thank you for literally everything you’ve done! You’re such a blessing!
— Taryn
I’ve always been one for crafting and doing art, and it was awesome to not only be filled with the word of God but to be able to make something in remembrance. I feel like some much of the time my art is actually an altar to remember what the Lord has spoken to me.
— elizabeth