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Please complete the form below just as you would like it to be on the card, word for word. After you submit your information, a proof will be emailed to you within 72 hours. 

Please note how many sections are on the Infograph stlye that you chose and fill out the sections accordingly. 

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Please note how many sections are on the design you chose. //SAMPLE CATEGORY: Looking Ahead: -trip to hawaii for babymoon -baby’s arrival in summer -running first marathon //IDEAS FOR YOUR CATEGORIES: + child, animal, or spouse (i.e.three short updates/ current favorites) + By the Numbers / Fun stats (per person or as a family: i.e. miles ran, lbs of pizza eaten, hours studying etc.) + Misc. Notables (updates you would like to share that do not really fit under one family member or category) + Miles Logged / Travels (i.e. how many miles traveled, places visited) + Milestones ( i.e. kiddos potty trained, walking, reading, finally sleeping through the night, riding a bike etc) + Looking Ahead (upcoming plans for next year) + Top Three (moments of the year, highlights etc,) + Favorite Scripture + Family Quote/ Mantra