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We are so excited you are interested in becoming an Inspire Creative. Inspire Creatives are at the core of the Inspire Shop in giving others ideas and inspiration to draw us closer to the Lord throughout the month. 

Keys to joining Inspire Creatives Crew:

Before you apply, please take some time to think and pray to ensure: (1) this commitment will be blessing you and others in the process (2) you have the time and capacity to meet the expectations (3) it will challenge and grow you in your faith.

Original Content – Each of your blog posts / social media posts / creative posts should be new material that has not been published on another site and are exclusive to The Inspire Shop. They can be shared and are encouraged to share on your own pages, linking back the original post but it should not be re-posted on your site or elsewhere.

Appropriate Content – Our desire is for everything to point to Jesus. Anything that does not align with that will not be posted. All photos and content needs to be free from any copyright issues. If you are unsure whether or not you have permission, you probably should not post it but please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions.

Friendship, Not Advertising – We want to get to know you and desire to share your heart and talent with others. Please feel free to include post links to previous blog posts you have written on your own blog or website that tie into the topic but no affiliate links or self reviews.

Inspire and Grow – We want you to be inspired and encouraged in your giftings as you inspire and encourage others, as well as stretch and grow you in the process. Growth only comes through perseverance and doing things out of your comfort zone. Try new techniques. Use new filters or backgrounds. Take leaps of faith. Laugh at yourself in the growth process and let us know how we can help.

Create Community - When you post, we would love to see you interact with others who respond and can relate to it. Please comment and pay attention to it for the first week or two after your content goes live. We pray your encouragement builds more than words or cute things but authentic friendships, too.

BLOGGER CONTRIBUTOR (1 hour per month):



Takes time to listen and pray what the Lord is leading to share. Is willing to share specific stories out of her comfort zone where the Lord has moved. Is honest and open.

Contributes one post per month, between 500 – 800 words and includes one copyright free photo to use on social media. Adding a few photos that capture the essence of the post is recommended but not required.

Piece aligns with monthly topic, is truthful and relatable. Including scripture or personal stories are highly recommended.

Blog should be submitted no later than one week before post goes live, as agreed upon, in a Word document.

CREATIVE CONTRIBUTOR (1.5 hours per month):



The heart of the creative is to create and point it back to Jesus. Contributes one post per month and uses items included in the creative bible study kit or other products to create the items intended in the kit, as well as others of your own creation.

Shares what the Lord is speaking through the creative bible study kit or other products, using photos that aligns with monthly topic, is truthful and relatable.

Post should be submitted no later than one week before post goes live, as agreed upon, in a Word document (if needed) and Jpeg files for photos.

Tutorials of what you create are encouraged but not a must. Show the process through photos with simple instructions. A video can be accompanied, as well but not required. Be sure to check the lighting and angles when taking photos and/or videos.


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What is your lifestyle like? Favorite flavor of coffee or places to go. What you like to do in your free time, etc.
Which area(s) are you interested in? *
If you are not interested in blogging, please write n/a

We look forward to getting to know you and how you may fit into the Inspire Creative crew.

inspire creatives receive extra inspiration

Join the monthly call to pray and encourage each other. Dates and times will be determined by the contributors and will vary.

Enjoy a free Creative Bible Study Kit or new product valued at $20 mailed to you each month. Unless otherwise noted, product will be decided by the team.

Bio + Photo

Upon becoming an Inspire Creative, you will need to include Bio in initial post, roughly two to three sentences about you – what you love, what you do for work, what you like to create with, favorite drink, etc. and a current photo. This will be posted under our Inspire Creatives Contributor page, along with each blog post.