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Guest Post: Imperfect Mom Confessional

Tiffany NicoleComment

This morning I am excited to be apart of the Imperfect Mom Confessionals Series hosted by Jenn at Busy Being Blessed. Mamas and writers from around the web are coming together to speak Truth about mamahood from its joys to the trials and how Jesus comes to rescue always. 

Too often in life, especially in parenting, our best feet are put forward along with perfectly set smiles and the appearance that everything is grandeur. But the more life happens and the deeper with Jesus I get, the more I see the imperfections of people and it almost hurts to see those with their perfectly painted smiles when deep down it is easy to see they are truly breaking. Facades are not a life but a lack there of and this series is about getting real.

So here is a little bit more of what mamahood and all its imperfections has taught me so far.

Embracing the imperfection as a mom is the place in mamahood where transformation takes place and dependence on God deepens. Mamahood is the piecing together of a puzzle. Each piece giving us a bigger picture of Jesus. Of his grace and mercy and love. With each passing season and newly formed stories, our reflection grows closer to his.

My soul has stretched along with my skin, revealing more depth and wisdom. It has exposed every flaw, every sin, every negative, bad part in me that I never knew existed, yet grown me closer to Christ. It has changed me in ways I could never have imagined and I am only four years in.

Mamahood has pushed me to binge eating chocolate chips in the cupboard during tantrums and bouts of crying; praying, God help me and help me stop eating these things. I never understood stress eating prior.

Read the rest over here and be sure to follow the series as other bloggers share their thoughts and stories. 

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