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tiffany garzaComment

I had been writing and blogging regularly over two years ago until our seasons changed.

I sat with a pile filled with more loads of laundry than I can recall on the playroom floor, folding as I watched the kiddos run around outside through the sliding door. I had been writing daily through the Savoring the Year, a goal to write for 365 days. I had prayed about whether it was even feasible and the Lord had urged me to try.

But as I sat on the floor that day, around 30 days in, I knew it was no longer feasible. Our schedules had turned upside down with our friend’s daughter staying with us unexpectedly and anyone who has had four kiddos five years and under and one with trauma can relate.

Folding laundry tends to lead me to prayer in its therapeutic form of sorting and categorizing each clothing item. As everyone ran to the swing set and grabbed a swing, whether or not I should continue became the prayer. Quitting is not something I like doing, especially after getting into the groove of it all. Writing is something that has brought me to life and changed my relationship with God in unexpected ways. I did not want to give it up.

And he did not ask me to.

He ever so gently responded to my prayers with a simple question: which is more important people or writing?

Clearly the underlying issue was not about giving up but giving in. Knowing what was worth more and diving into it during that season. Hanging up a few words for the opportunity to love and allow Him to break my heart in ways I never knew possible.

But now, the Lord has continued to bring back to life the words that had fallen short with lack of sleep and schedules and dishes. Urging me to write again, even though in some regards I would rather keep them to myself and unwritten but they keep piling up like all the laundry waiting to be folding. They continue come.  

I have given you the gift to write. Writing motivates and renews the Spirit like food, He assures me; even though I know the truth in His words from what feels like a lifetime ago. And what are gifts given to do, except to give them back to God and share them with others.

Keep writing - there is beauty here, he whispers again.

So, here it is. Back to writing as regularly as that means for now. Praying that you find some beauty in what God is doing and continues to do.

May the words of our mouths and the mediations of our hearts be acceptable in His sight.


+ Read 1 Peter 4: 1-11. Do you know what gifts the Lord has given you? Are you living out of them?

+ Are there any gifts the Lord has been bringing up for you to share with others? If so, what?

+ Pray about how you can use them to build up the Kingdom.