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christmas photos to remember

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As we jump into the holiday season, our Christmas infographs and cards are back in the shop. Infographs have been a fun tradition for our family, as each person shares a favorite memory and top three facts for the year. The perfect snapshot to remember as the years go by. You can get your family memory train rolling with a free download of our Reflections of the Year.


What I love about Christmas cards are the memories behind getting those pretty pictures that leap from the card.

On our first family picture shoot our daughter, who was one year at the time, hardly lifted her mouth for a smile. My mom commented on how she wasn't smiling in any of them, which I was a little bummed about. But that was just her personality and I was just happy to have her in the photo.

That is the point, right? To have everyone in one photo; a family portrait.

In the past few Christmas card pictures there's been some fun faux pas, which make me smile, especially since hardly anyone noticed until I commented on it. 


2014: We left Jude's shoes in the car that we had just taken to the mechanic for a tune up and wouldn't be back until after our scheduled photo session. Enter red socks for the picture. 

IMG_7689 (2).jpg

2015: Jude's sock came off, along with his shoe and didn't want to take the picture. So if you look closely, he's sockless and his shoe is just about to fall off. A little trend here with his shoes (and shoes in general with our kiddos). 

card 2016.jpg

2016: Penny told us she had a snag in her tights as everyone climbed in the car to take our photos. As we backed out of the drive way, she had completely demolished them at the knee, leaving a gaping hole. Enter good design to cover it, at just the right spot. 


2017: Skyler wanted to runaway. THE. WHOLE. TIME. See his running pose?

Family pictures capture each personality, which is a family at its best. So these days, as long as the gang's all here, it hardly matters exactly what they are doing. Though a smile is appreciated and rewarded with lollipops or Trader Joe’s Candy Cane JoeJoe’s. 

 What's your favorite family picture?