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tiffany garza

For as long I can remember, why has been a choice word. Questions coming one after another. I love back stories and the reasons behind choices. There is always an action or reaction or cause and effect, whether conscious or unconscious. It just is. When I could muster up the courage, I could ask why, though my shyness hindered my analytical nature growing up, diving deep into pointless and futile thinking patterns.

I have been told that my questions can be intimidating and perceived to some as interrogation, though that is not my intention or heart in the slightest. The statement itself caught me by complete surprise, as they rolled off a friend’s tongue. My curiosity is just in full effect and I love a good story, especially those who are willing to share and be transparent and honest and open. It is the depth and realness that questions beckon us into, should our answers be truth filled.

I see it now in my oldest son. Questions that he is brave and bold to ask anyone who will listen and answer him. His little mind soaking in what is being told to him. His eyes listening intently as he is conjuring follow up questions.

The why dives me deeper with God to questions about why he did what he did. Things that I may never know on this side of heaven but none the less lead me into other studies and other questions that he does graciously answer in the time I have given to it. The constant leading and inquiries that arise keeps the light burning.

The Lord graciously urges us to ask and seek and knock. We ask our questions, which become an adventure as we dive in to scripture and study and prayer and fasting. Asking and seeking. We have the opportunity to invite others into our questions. We invite them into the study, to come and search with us. We seek the Lord together as our questions are answered and the door is opened to his presence. To his goodness and mercy and love.

As this new year is unfolding, full of possibilities and new questions to be asked and sought after and doors opened, I pray that you would be able to see where the questions are leading you and the answers would be ones that lead you to the feet of Jesus. Praying that you would invite others into your questions, no matter how silly sounding or too small, because relationships build off of questions and answers, as does our faith. May your curiosity and faith be renewed and perhaps the answers that you believed to be true in the past would have new light shed on them, as your faith deepens in the coming year.


+Read Matthew 7: 7-12. Then read it again, letting Jesus' words soak in. Highlight any words that stand out. *Use the SOAP method for a deeper study. Download it for free here.

+ Do you have any questions about God or your beliefs? Write them down and pray about them this week. Find someone to talk about them with. 

+ Is there anything you are asking or seeking the Lord right now? Schedule time this week to pray specifically about it, Invite a friend to pray with you and for you through it. 

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