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Submit, surrender, believe.

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If you know me, you may know that I am a very black and white thinker. This has not only served me well, but it also hindered me from overcoming certain beliefs and lies. This month we have been talking about the word RENEW.

For as long as I can recall I felt like in order to experience renewal I had to go from one person to another in a single action; that I could be instantly renewed if I just prayed and asked God to heal me or take away my negative thoughts. Come to find out that’s not at all how the process works.

Renew is defined as the processing of making something new by resuming an interrupted activity, re-establishing relationship, or repeating an action. None of those would make you believe that to be renewed is a onetime process.

It’s an everyday choice; it’s showing up on the hard days, on the good days. It’s believing in the truth even when it feels a million miles away and like you can even fathom reaching it. For me it’s believing in God - that He can do what He says He can, that He is making me into who He has called me to be.

He’s shaping me into the women of God that I never thought possible.

I am the pot in the potter’s hands.

I am the vine being tended to by the vine dresser.

My process of renewal isn’t coming outside my relationship with Jesus. At least the process of renewal that is helping me fulfill my purpose.

For me it all started with making the choice to establish my relationship with the Lord after years of running and living like an orphan. That place left me feeling broken, miserable, and honestly hopeless.

Friend, if you feel like you are lacking purpose, if you feel alone and burden, ask yourself what are you allowing to renew your life? I believe we can use other things to renew us that are not healthy. Maybe we believe alcohol will help us to feel satisfied. Maybe it’s even things like shopping for things we don’t need, saying yes to everything to help us feel fulfilled.

What I am trying to say here, beloved, is that we have a chance to decide what we give ourselves too. And sure we can choose the things I listed above, but speaking from personal experience those will not satisfy. They will not bring contentment, joy, peace, or the person you are designed to be.

Here may be another slightly controversial and difficult statement. We can’t have both. The bible is super clear about being in this world but not of it. As hard as it is (speaking from 100% personal experience here) we have to learn to lay aside the things that are not helping shape us to be more Christ like.

Easier said than done, right?

Welcome to the process of renewal. The choice to submit, surrender and believe that with him, all things can be made new.

I feel so challenged by this, friends. Challenged because there are still things I am laying down and learning to surrender.

We have the opportunity to be renewed day by day.

We get to choose.

Let’s choose together friends to lay our lives down for a purpose and a calling so much bigger than we can create for ourselves. Let’s give the Lord the opportunity to come in and renew our hearts and minds and lives to be more centered on Him.


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May my life be a constant reflection of the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus. May the work he has done in me be a testimony of provision and favor.