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Fear Not Playlist // #musicmonday

tiffany garza2 Comments
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When I used to blog regularly at Ingracealways (which are now located here), I touched on fear and different songs that shed light on the topic. It has been an area that the Lord has grown me in as a mama  and in regards to trusting him in order to overcome them to walk in freedom. 

It has a been a process and a choice as I choose to trust God over anything else, yet something the enemy still temps me with, especially during harder and tired seasons, though I can easily spot it these days and be ready.

Music is a powerful weapon against fear and the enemy, along with scripture - bonus when they are together - so a few months ago I compiled a playlist on Spotify with songs the Lord kept bringing to mind, along with some newer ones like, Fear Not by Kristene Dimarco, that are amazing. I know fear is a big trust killer and hindrance in our walk with the Lord, so I thought I would share them just in case you find yourself combating fear in your journey, as well.

Praying whatever you find yourself up against that you would see how the Lord is already fighting your battle and already has given you the victory. Praying that as you fix your eyes on Jesus that your fears would fall away in comparison. 

What are your favorite songs about trusting God over fear? I would love to hear. Leave a link in a comment below, along with anything you would like prayer for.