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music monday: i am not alone by kari jobe

Tiffany NicoleComment

It has been interesting to see the progression of Penny's favorite songs. What in the song does a three year old resonate with? The beat or the singer's voice or the lyrics or numerous radio plays? I have no clue. Recently, Kari Jobe's I am Not Alone has made its way to the top of her list. Each time its tune plays over her speakers, she stops what she is doing to sing. In the car. Laying in bed to fall asleep. During quiet time. She stops to sing it out. Every word. The lyrics are beautiful and I pray that they echo throughout each of her years to come. If you have not had chance to hear it, have a listen. 

I am not alone
You will go before me
You will never leave me

God is always with you. He sees you. He knows you better than you know yourself. He thought of you before the world was made (Ephesians 1:4). He will never leave you. Recognizing that you are never truly alone allows you to turn your focus from the lack of people to the awe of God. It forces you to change the trajectory of your thoughts from yourself to God.

While community is extremely important - having a group of people who pray for you and give wisdom and bounce ideas off of and give you things to smile about is - sometimes it is not found in your daily proximity, which can give way to isolation. A place that will wear you out and have you questioning and has bits of hope seeping through the cracks. The perfect spot for the enemy to come to steal and kill and destroy and make you feel sorry for yourself, unless you keep your eyes on God and keep refocusing and pressing in to him, which in turn will mold you in to his likeness.

There are seasons were God gives time to spend with people and time to spend with mainly him. To purify you and give you compassion for others who will go through similar struggles. You can sympathize with someone on a matter but unless you have experienced it first hand, it is impossible to truly know the dynamics in its entirety.

During our brief stint in Washington state, it was surreal not to have a job or social circle or my immediate family nearby. It was the first time I prayed for friends, which seemed really odd at the time but God provided them in his time and I learned more about him than I had ever known and he used those sweet friends to teach me more than they probably realized.

Basking in the quietness of a tiny social circle allows for more time with God, if you allow it. And opens your eyes to how the new person in the group feels.

Praying that you would not give up on God when you feel lonely but would press in to him instead. Praying that you see the lessons being taught through this season and that the truth is constantly ringing in your ears: you are not alone. Praying that you would see God going before you and never leaving your side. 

Praying that God would put someone on your heart to connect with, whether you feel your social circle is too full or not full enough. Praying that you would see the beauty in the quietness and that you would always remember how it feels to be new in town or at work or church or group. 

Here's to loneliness and God's ever present presence.