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music monday: let it fade by jeremy camp

Tiffany NicoleComment

Some days I cannot focus on any one thing and it seems like I could be diagnosed with ADD. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded. Toys are scattered around the house and need to be relocated. The floor is screaming to be vacuumed and the bathroom, well it just needs help. Then the kiddos verbalize a need, which trumps all. This roller coaster ride that comes with the titles mama and wife constantly changes and surprises me. Rest is something that seems to be hard to find. It is hiding between emails and bath time and squeezed in after errands and grocery shopping or found after work. Rest does not come easily. Perhaps that is just me. How hard is to stop? How hard is it to trust God that everything will be okay if you are not at that function or say no to the invite or just sit down despite everything whirling around you.

Rest: freedom from activity or labor; peace of mind or spirit; to take relief or respite.

Rest is finding freedom from the world racing on around you. It is a peaceful mind and spirit. Rest is not worrying about your to do list or the mess that seems to be filling your mind. It is giving your mind and body a time to recuperate while spending time with the maker of the universe.

For some, this is easy. For others, much like myself, it is difficult. It requires effort and intention. It involves working through the day and letting some things slip to gain restful composure. Rest is not always something we will find until a series of events leads us there.

Sometimes you find rest in ways you have not anticipated, such as health issues or an end of a relationship or layoffs. Your overscheduled agenda comes to a screeching halt and you find yourself with time. Time to think. Time to reflect. Time to stop and ask God what is next. Rest is something that God ordained. He rested on the seventh day after making creation. The creator rested and he enjoyed what he made. Too often it is easy to get involved in what we are making and climbing the ladder without having time to enjoy it because we want results. We want to get to the next thing. We want to do something. We do not have time to stop. We do not have time to be still.

This mindset is so far from God's plan for us. He wants us to pause. We were not made to keep going and doing and making. We need time to be still and quiet ourselves to hear God. 

Scripture assures we will find rest. We will find rest in God.
Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1
Jesus will give us rest.
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Praying that you will find true rest in Christ alone. That you would stop whatever distractions have so easily taken up your time and that you would allow yourself to rest. Rest in promises. Rest in his word. Rest in his grace and love and mercy. 

Let it fade by Jeremy Camp is a great example of letting our lives fade and resting in Jesus. Have a listen.

You can rest, You will find rest. Let this old life crumble, 
Let it fade, Let this new life offered be your saving grace

Here's to more rest and less doing. More stopping and enjoying.

How do you find rest? What does the term rest convey to you?